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Before the polar vortex created icy roads and closed schools across Kentucky I worked with students and teachers in Jackson County, Kentucky to provide job-embedded PD as part of the CTL Artful Reading project. As part of this work students and teachers are learning about creating, responding and producing works of art.  Here’s what happened in one classroom focused on the visual arts.


hunters in the snow2

A work of art to look at, wonder about and discuss. A landscape of town and country, icy mountain cliffs. Familiar and unfamiliar. The title of the painting is not shared with students initially, this is a process of discovery.

hunters in the snow vocab2


Key vocabulary and content to provide background and support for the discussion.


hunters in the snow questions


The questions, facilitated by the teacher to encourage wondering, discussion and close looking. These are based on the work of Philip Yenawine and Abigail  Housen. (Visual Thinking Strategies)


hunters in the snow smartboard


The setting. A second grade classroom with access to the internet allows us to use Google Art Project to locate and project  the painting for all to see. Google Art Project also allows us to zoom in and look closely at details and sections of the painting.


hunters in the snow discussion snapshot


A snippet of the class discussion. Students are discovering and thinking about the painting, talking and listening to one another other and  asking questions.


hunters in the snow student art


After a lively  discussion the introduction of oil pastels and an art making lesson. Students are invited to create landscapes real or imagined. Since it was close to the holidays, seasonal landscapes emerged.


hunters in the snow student art 2


A work in progress.


hunters in the snow student reflection2


After looking at art and making art, students reflect in their journals about the experience.


hunters in the snow finished piece


For more information about this process and Artful Reading contact me here at CTL.


hunters in the snow2


“Hunters in the Snow” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

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