Technical assistance can be described as facilitating change. CTL provides collaborative support for capacity building and program-specific development, as well as systems change. CTL works with your organization to identify agreed-upon outcomes and offers necessary supports to assist your organization in achieving high-quality solutions. 

How it works

CTL has three main roles- building general capacity, build program specific solutions, and facilitate communications across several systems (faculty and staff, community stakeholders, and families). Successful execution of these roles ultimately result in increased educational outcomes. To accomplish the roles the team works with partners to identify promising practices, design responses to needs based on successful evidence-informed approaches, identify priority areas for improvement, and suggest related actions.

We Work With You to introduce new technology into your classroom

As part of the process CTL’s team works with partners to: 

  • Cultivate expectations for achievement for all students.
  • Design instruction that is engaging and rigorous. 
  • Change school culture to reflect the focus on success. 
  • Change how schools communicate with students, parents, staff, and community.