Artful Reading Preschool ignites a love of learning in young minds! This program takes an arts-integrated approach, seamlessly blending high-quality children’s literature with engaging activities in visual arts, music, drama, and dance.  Through a centers approach that incorporates organized play, preschoolers actively explore themes and concepts found in the stories. This playful learning environment fosters early childhood development, promoting essential literacy skills, creativity, and social-emotional growth.

Artful Reading Preschool isn’t just student-friendly, it’s teacher-friendly too! The program provides clear lesson plans, high-quality materials, and professional development resources to ensure teachers feel supported in creating a rich learning environment. This combination of playful exploration and teacher support helps foster early childhood development in essential literacy skills, creativity, and social-emotional growth.

Sample Pre-school Modules

Imagine a classroom where the walls come alive with the whirring of engines and the honking of horns! With Artful Reading Preschool’s Cars, Trucks, and Things That Go module, your preschool day transforms into a joyful exploration of vehicles.

Here’s what your adventure might look like:

  • Story Time! Gather around a cozy rug, ready to be whisked away by a lively story about all sorts of vehicles. Firetrucks zoom to the rescue, racecars speed down the track, and maybe a friendly tow truck lends a helping hand!
  • Move and Groove! Time to unleash some energy! Transform into different vehicles, zooming around the classroom like speedy cars or chugging along like a powerful train. Get ready for some fun music to move our bodies too!
  • Playtime Centers! The classroom transforms into a bustling world of transportation! One station might have a giant block-building area to create a city with roads and bridges; another might have a sensory bin filled with car parts for sorting and counting. Each center ignites the imagination and learning!

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Caps For Sale

Imagine a classroom where hats become a springboard for storytelling and adventure! Artful Reading Preschool’s Caps for Sale module transforms your preschool day into a playful exploration of hats and headwear.

With Story Time! We’ll gather around for a lively reading of Caps for Sale, getting ready to giggle as the monkeys snatch the peddler’s caps, one by one!

Transition to Dramatic Play, as the story sparks our imaginations, it’s time to act it out! Students transform into peddlers and monkeys, using scarves, hats, or other props to bring the story to life. Maybe you’ll be the clever peddler trying to outsmart the monkeys, or a mischievous monkey snatching a cap!

Feeling inspired? Get creative! Use construction paper, paints, or crayons to create a silly hat like the ones in the story, or design a brand new one that shows off your personality.

Let’s revisit Story Time , looking for clues about the different types of hats and predicting what might happen next in the story.

Artful Reading PreSchool Works

Engaging Curriculum:

  • High-interest texts: AR Pre-school utilizes captivating picture books and diverse supplemental texts, sparking children’s imagination and curiosity.
  • Arts integration: Through music, dance, drama, and visual arts, the program brings stories to life, deepening comprehension and fostering creative expression.
  • Standards-aligned: The curriculum seamlessly integrates Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards and National Core Arts Standards, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. 

    Skills Development:

    • Literacy foundations: AR Preschool focuses on critical early literacy skills like vocabulary development, phonological awareness, and comprehension, preparing children for future reading success.
    • Communication: Through interactive activities and play-based learning, children develop strong speaking and listening skills, essential for social interactions and academic achievement.
    • Social-emotional learning: The program incorporates diverse characters and storylines, promoting empathy, kindness, and collaboration, nurturing well-rounded individuals.

    Teacher Support and Professional Learning:

    • Comprehensive resources: Each module includes detailed lesson plans, engaging activities, and high-quality art materials, guiding teachers effortlessly.
    • Professional development: CTL offers training and coaching, empowering teachers to confidently integrate the arts into their curriculum. CTL staff work with childcare providers offer flexible approaches to professional learning so no time with students is lost. 
    • Teacher collaboration: The program fosters a collaborative environment where teachers can share best practices and support each other.

    Overall, AR: Preschool empowers childcare programs to deliver high-quality, engaging, and effective early childhood education. By integrating the arts and literacy, the program fosters a love of learning, equips children with essential skills, and paves the way for future academic success.