Our commitment to you

CTL is committed to working with education professionals to create long-term improvements in students’ educational trajectories.

our mission


An excellent and caring teacher for every student.

our vision

To advance excellence in teaching and school leadership.

Our Company

CTL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works with educators to improve instruction and increase learning for all students. 

Our staff of veteran educators provides services including professional learning to support our suite of programs, leadership development, technical assistance, and program data collection, analysis, and evaluation. 

Our focus areas include pre-K through post-secondary literacy, content instruction (English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science), and instructional coaching. We work directly with schools and districts and in partnership with a variety of organizations. 

fulfilling Our Mission with:

  • Curriculum & Instructional Models to address critical learning needs of students
  • Systematic/impact data collection and analysis
  • Program evaluation & Technical Assistance
  • Critical partnerships and collaboration to promote robust student-centered instruction