Our commitment to you

CTL is committed to working with education professionals to create long-term improvements in students’ educational trajectories.

our mission

Our mission is to build capacity in educators so they can transform learning.

The Collaborative for Teaching and Learning

our vision

We envision a future in which every student receives an exceptional learning experience every day.

Our Company

CTL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works with educators to improve instruction and increase learning for all students. 

Our staff of veteran educators provides services including professional learning to support our suite of programs, leadership development, technical assistance, and program data collection, analysis, and evaluation. 

Our focus areas include pre-K through post-secondary literacy,  content instruction (English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science) and instructional coaching. We work directly with schools and districts and in partnership with a variety of organizations. 

Our Values

  • Active Engagement We are committed to engaging the whole brain during learning and know that excellent instruction ensures active engagement by learners.
  • Responsive Implementation We believe every district, school, and classroom has unique qualities. We work to tailor professional learning and coaching services to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Entrepreneurial Problem Solving We thrive on meeting the next challenges in the field of education education to generate adaptive solutions.
  • Caring Collaboration We contend that a team approach leads to the best thinking in all settings.

  • Respectful Relationships We value long-term relationships to build trust and develop capacity to achieve the best work.
  • Power of Systems We strive to build healthy systems that are coherent, aligned, and nurtured to create conditions for everyone to be successful.
  • Intentional Approach We are intentional about every decision we make and expect that of educators. Thorough, thoughtful planning and design ensure excellent learning experiences.
  • Love of Learning We commit to providing professional learning and programming that is grounded in current research and informed by experiences in the field. That means we always have more to learn and love doing so!
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion We aim to amplify diverse perspectives and inclusive practices in our work. We are committed to helping educators center students’ lived experiences and perspectives to unlock their potential through an asset-based and equitable lens on programming.