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About CTLCTL is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization that works with educators to improve instruction and increase learning for all students. Our staff of veteran educators provides services including professional development, leadership development, technical assistance, data collection and analysis, program evaluation, and classroom technology integration. Our focus areas include K-16 literacy, English Language Arts and the Common Core, Mathematics and the Common Core, and instructional coaching. We work directly with schools and districts, and in partnership with state and local education agencies, colleges and universities, foundations, and other non-profit organizations. CTL can provide individual programs and services, or an integrated set of programs and services under the auspices of a broad project.

CTL’s mission is to advance excellence in
teaching and school leadership. We fulfill our mission through:

  • Use of real evidence to analyze challenges and
    offer solutions
  • Engaging training
  • Intensive and sustained coaching
  • Services tailored to a client’s unique needs and
    resources, including delivery on time and on budget


Our vision and mission reflects and informs the work we do to help schools, districts and other education organizations achieve dramatic results through professional development.

Vision: An excellent and caring teacher for every student

Mission: To advance excellence in teaching and school leadership

We fulfill our mission and achieve our vision through:

Professional development for teachers and administrators that includes —

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Development of content- or strategy-specific programs, models and tools
  • Integration of the arts
  • Application and integration of technology

Technical assistance, including —

  • Needs assessment, including systematic data collection and analysis
  • Program evaluation
  • Consulting

Codification of our work through —

  • Impact data collection, analysis and reporting on impact of services
  • Writing and publishing

Outreach that includes —

  • Critical partnerships and collaboration
  • Policy influence and advocacy

Effective use of resources to accomplish goals, including —

  • Making efficient use of time and resources for partners and clients

990 Status

As a tax-exempt public benefit corporation, CTL is pleased to make its IRS 990 reporting information available on request.

If you would like to receive a copy of our most recent 990, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration. A nominal fee will be charged to cover photocopying and postage.

You may also view a copy of our 990 online at GuideStar.com. Search “Collaborative for Teaching and Learning” and select “Kentucky” to view a report and 990 data.  (You may register with GuideStar to access detailed information about CTL. Registration is free.)


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