Artful Reading

Artful Reading is CTL’s original approach to blending literacy and arts to deepen student learning. The 24 kits are based on high-quality children’s literature, and contain a picture book, supplemental texts, art materials, and lesson plans to deliver the contents of the module. The field-tested curriculum model supports enhanced literacy and arts instruction.

The model is designed to support students in Kindergarten through fifth grade in developing comprehensive reading skills. Each module taps into the classroom teacher’s prior knowledge about literacy instruction and arts integration. The materials are built around a structure for pre-, mid-, and post-reading that addresses key literacy development skills using arts-based strategies and contexts to deeply engage students and teachers in learning in, through, and about the arts.

  • Summative and formative assessments
  • Tiered vocabulary development
  • Reading comprehension: before, during, and after reading activities
  • Academic dialogue
  • Writing to learn
  • Writing to demonstrate learning: informational, narrative, and persuasive writing prompts
  • Gradual release process
  • Extension activities to differentiate and scaffold learning, and to make connections to core text themes
  • Tested teacher tips

If you are a classroom teacher, everything you need will be delivered to your door, explore the Online Store to explore the modules that are currently available to individual teachers. We are in the process of adding more daily, so bookmark us and come back to check out the new and creative kits.

Whole School Model

We Love Artful Reading!All of CTL’s professional learning models provide foundational knowledge training and on-going job-embedded coaching support to implement four modules each year. In addition, on-going professional learning supports teachers in using reflection to refine implementation and build on their understanding of the national arts standards to delivery engaging literacy activities.  CTL designs professional learning to meet the Learning Forward Professional Learning Standards for effective student learning. Artful Reading networks teachers across grade levels and combines formal training with job-embedded coaching and modeling to ensure that local capacity is built to sustain and grow the use of the program as a deliberate component of literacy instruction in the school.

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Teachers who have received Artful Reading training by CTL note their students’ divergent thinking and enthusiasm for reading about and participating in visual and performing arts activities during Artful Reading lessons.

“Check out (CTL’s) amazing work. The units are engaging for students and infuse the arts with great literature!”
Classroom teacher- Sara Brock, Louisville, KY

visual arts with Artful Reading“Awh! We (love)  CTL and #ArtfulReading!! Check out our finished pieces!”
Classroom Teacher, Rebecca Reynolds, Louisville, KY

drama with Artful Reading“The pride I have in these kiddos is unreachable! We overcame some stage fright to perform our #TikkiTikkiTembo drama amazingly! #ArtfulReading
Classroom Teacher, Lauralee Samples, Eminence, KY

writing to learn with Artful Reading“Week 2 of our #ArtfulReading unit! Today we went on a structure hunt, designed our blueprints with a key, wrote out detailed building plans. Ready for the next stage….BUILDING like Frank Llyod Wright and the three little pigs!!”
Classroom Teacher, Louisville, KY

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