Adapting ALM for Gifted Learners

The Adolescent Literacy Model is easily adaptable for meeting the needs of gifted students in heterogeneous classrooms. As teachers strategically select ALM strategies for their lessons, they can simultaneously plan modifications for their students identified as academically gifted.

Developing the Notetaking Skill

Notetaking is an expectation for students beginning in the intermediate grades that increases at each level of schooling and work. Explicitly teaching the notetaking skill enhances student learning.

Writing to Communicate in Mathematics

Students struggle to share what they know about mathematics through writing, and it should not be surprise to anyone that students feel uncomfortable writing about mathematics. As math teachers, most of us don’t write about mathematics routinely (if ever). We were not expected to write as students, so we don’t have a lot of experience writing, and we do not have much (again, if any) training in the writing process.

Helping Students Understand Their Own Thinking

Helping Students Understand Their Own Thinking

Students need to learn early in their educational career how to think about how they solve complex problems, what learning strategies work best for them, how they adapt what they are learning to new situations, and those questions will not be answered without a lot of help from their teachers.

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