Flipping for Video: An Update

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On February 11, 2011

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The past several posts I have been writing about my forays into FLIP video moviemaking. I am working with teachers and students in a couple of schools as they explore the possibilities of integrating video into content learning.

It has been a several months since I facilitated the initial FLIP workshops with teachers and introduced the techniques and processes of FLIP video moviemaking.  At the workshop, in addition to learning how to shoot and edit movies, we discussed ideas and processes for integrating moviemaking into content learning. While the work in the schools is in an early stage I thought I would share some of the ideas teachers and students are exploring.

A middle school social studies teacher is working with his class to create music videos demonstrating their understanding of westward expansion. The students are working in groups, creating storyboards, writing songs and recording them on Audacity; and making preparations for the final shoot.

A sophomore biology class is using moviemaker to create animations of scientific processes to aid others in learning.

A library media specialist is working with a group of middle school students who are learning how to make video they can embed into the book trailers they are creating on Animoto.

Students are working together to conceptualize, design, and orchestrate their work. They are practicing the skills of project managers as they plan, develop and execute their ideas. This is exciting work and I look forward to attaching samples of their work in future posts.

Meanwhile, I am attaching two videos of , Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson. These videos provoke thought and remind me of the power of words and pictures coming together to communicate through animation and storytelling.

Steven Johnson’s TED talk:

Image, “Recording in Progress” by dcosand