Technology for All Seasons: Learning Leads the Way

seen-15-2-cover-smWhen I was asked recently to write an article on behalf of CTL for the Southeast Education Network’s online SEEN publication, it didn’t take long to settle on a topic: Technology, technology, technology. Educators talk about it, ask about it, think about it, wrestle with it, and many are using it to help deliver, enhance and evaluate instruction and learning. But, we wondered, how many educators understand that the fundamental question about the use of technology in education is identical to the fundamental question about the use of any tool, technique or approach in teaching: Does it add value? Does it enable and inspire learning and creativity?

So I turned to my two tech guru colleagues here at CTL, Director of Programs Roland O’Daniel and Educational Programs Specialist Drew Perkins, who also happens to have a Master’s degree in classroom technology integration. As part of CTL’s work with the Berea College Promise Neighborhood initiative in eastern Kentucky, Roland and Drew have been working with administrators and students there to develop and use online courses, an online learning management system and other tech innovations to engage students and advance instruction. In the article I wound up writing for SEEN, “Technology for All Seasons: Learning Leads the Way,” Roland and Drew re-frame the discussion about classroom use of technology around the key question that should guide any instructional decision: Does it enhance whatever’s being taught?

Read the article here, and weigh in with your experiences with technology in the classroom. What have you used that has helped ignite learning for your students? What have been your instructional technology disasters? What’s your advice to colleagues about how to make the most of the tech tools and techniques that are bursting on the scene daily? Please share your thoughts and ideas, and we’ll discuss in a future post.

For more visit CTL’s technology integration services page.

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