Technology Integration

Blackboard TrainingCTL helps schools and districts to integrate state of the art technology in classrooms to improve instruction and help all students learn.  We assist with the development of long-range plans to leverage technology dollars for maximum impact, and work directly with teachers on classroom implementation across platforms and content areas.

CTL is working with federal Promise Neighborhoods schools in eastern Kentucky to help teachers connect with students and one another through an online learning management system. The work will help students gain career-ready skills in the increasingly complex world of digital technology, and establishes a professional learning community for teachers across three high-need rural districts.

CTL worked with Kentucky federal Striving Readers schools on integration of smart boards, document cameras, need one or two more specific examples of equipment here and other equipment into classroom instruction to enhance and extend the teaching of literacy in the content areas, including the use of blogs and shared documents to support students doing authentic writing.

Also under the auspices of a federal Striving Readers project, CTL developed an online content literacy professional learning community in which educators shared and discussed pedagogy and instructional strategies.

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