In Support of the National Writing Project

Written By rodaniel

On March 30, 2010

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In this post I wanted to show my support for the National Writing Project (NWP). Given the funding concerns in Washington it is important for the NWP to continue. I know I’m a math guy and I don’t teach English/Language Arts, but I do know a lot of teachers and students who have been impacted by the NWP.

There are more reasons than I have time or room to list and there are people who write more effectively than I do (Bud Hunt, Chris Lehmann, Miguel Guhlin, and so many more), so instead of doing it in a traditional written post, I decided to do it in a podcast, but when I mentioned this to my boss, Amy Awbrey, she immediately decided she wanted to give it a shot. Since I have more experience as a math teacher I thought it was a great idea. She speaks with more understanding of the project and it’s impact, so here is Amy’s pitch to why we need to support the NWP…