Focus in High School Mathematics Reasoning and Sense Making- Book Study

Written By jmosier

On May 10, 2011

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You are invited to join Roland O’Daniel and me, Jo Ann Mosier, from the CTL for a book study of NCTM’s, Focus in High School Mathematics Reasoning and Sense Making.

NCTM Sense and Sense Making

Given that the April 2011 NCTM conference had numerous sessions on reasoning and sense making with short term opportunities to discuss the research, instructional implications, and what it might look like at the secondary level, we wanted more of an opportunity to delve into this important concept and to ‘make sense’ of the instructional implications.

NCTM’s, Focus in High School Mathematics Reasoning and Sense Making was the first publication that is to be the conceptual framework for developing other publications and tools for G9-12. To date there are four in the NCTM reasoning series that address: for all students, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics.

The book study will be a way for educators to discuss what we are learning from the text, respond to instructional implications, and connect to other research that strengthens the secondary approach to mathematical thinking.

We will be using these structures for our book study:

  • post significant findings from the book and have a dialog about those findings;
  • Identify guiding questions, posed in advance and assign specific chapters from which to respond;
  • finally, facilitate a webinar where we all gather and discuss key findings.

Are you interested? Let us know of your interest with some contact information and/or your suggestions how we might organize our book study.

We will be posting our first initial reactions to the book on May 20th so you have plenty of time to purchase your book and to join us. The book study will take place during the entire summer break so that teachers can join us for an in-depth discussion of reasoning and sense-making.