A Writer on Writing

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On February 9, 2010

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I have always been a writer.  As Communications Specialist here at CTL, I work on public relations and marketing, and on the development and writing of grant proposals, publications and outreach materials.  Before joining CTL, I worked for many years as a freelance writer for a variety of publications, and for producers of educational television programming.  My writing repertoire includes everything from snappy press releases to highly visual video scripts, entertaining (yet informative!) magazine features, and lengthy (let’s hope not ponderous) research reports.  To tweak the famous Latin phrase, I write, therefore I am.  

As a writer, I find it particularly fascinating  to work with professionals who not only communicate with clients in part through writing, but also are charged with helping teachers to use the writing process as part of a comprehensive approach to the teaching of literacy.  As resident wordsmith around the office, I am often asked for feedback on staff writing, and so try to do for my colleagues what they do for educators–coach them through a complex process while respecting and preserving the unique approach and voice each brings to the assignment at hand.  I frequently remind them that a polished piece of writing is like a beautifully executed ballet or feat of athleticism:  It only looks easy, the end product of many attempts and a fair number bruised shins along the way.  But like the dancer or the athlete, a successful writer emerges not only with a finished work that reads well and communicates clearly, but with new clarity of personal thought.  To tweak that Latin phrase again, we think, therefore we write, so that others may think.  Your thoughts?