Time is of the Essence…

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On February 3, 2012

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I live in a world of language. Writing, writing, writing. I am sustained by a world of images and objects, moving and still. I think in pictures and frequently use storyboarding to organize ideas.two clocks catherine

As I’ve written about in other posts, digital imagery and video are a source of inspiration for me and something I have been keen to introduce into my own work and to the schools with whom I work.

Lately, I have been working in the creative arena, locating, developing and writing modules for the Artful Reading series. Artful reading is a series of lessons, using arts themed picture books to integrate the arts and literacy. My creative juices are flowing and I am consumed with brain storming and developing ideas. I am immersed in the land of picture book imagery and story. One of my favorite educational resources is the book, The Having of Wonderful Ideas, by Eleanor Duckworth. I am hoping to have some wonderful ideas and create work that will inspire teachers and students alike.

I am struck by the fact that whether I am making a painting or developing a series of lessons, it takes time to have the ideas and to flesh them out. How many times have I been in a classroom where students are asked a question and only given a few seconds to come up with an answer or a creative solution to a problem?

Because thoughts of creativity, inspiration, and the time necessary to engage with the arts and ideas are on my mind I would like to share a couple videos:

This first video, Deadlines, was developed by Café Creative, a Hungarian ad agency based in Budapest. This video was short listed for the European Golden Drum award. In it, Café Creative responds to requests by clients to work faster/cheaper. The video is a great lesson for teachers and parents about the time necessary for the creative work of children.

The second video, Teachers Inspire Us, is created by students as a tribute to the ways teachers inspire. Another lesson on the power of creativity and the important role of arts education. On the technical side, the video is also a wonderful example of stop motion animation using drawing, a chalk board and music. For more information on stop motion animation see my post Creativity: A Stop-Motion Experience.

Let me know what you think of the videos. Take 10 seconds and complete the drawing starter from, Deadlines. How’d you do?