The Four Most Important Words

Several months ago I wrote a post about four important words that I know to move mountains when people are otherwise stuck. You can link to it here.

Today’s post is also about four important words, arguably the most important words you can add to your leadership and coaching vernacular. Repeat after me: What do you think?

Now watch this:

The thing I find most fascinating about this little phrase is that it’s one I’ve been carrying around in my coaching toolkit and using for years. However, it wasn’t until I was enrolled in leadership learning of my own that it occurred to me the power this one little phrase can yield in engaging others. In one little swoop in serves to build relationships, encourage meaning-making, inspire synergy, and press for accountability.

Tomorrow I hit the road for my first full week in schools for the 2011-12 school year, and I fully intend to rise to the challenge of the video. I will be tracking both the number of times I ask the four most important words, but also taking note of people’s reactions. I dare you to do the same.  I’ll report back in a month with my findings.  Stay tuned…

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