Fostering Innovation, Steps to Action

This second-in-series blog focuses on innovation, although of course all three themes are interrelated and aimed at providing the best possible education for all students. Discussion points included recognition that there is not a recipe for innovation or checklist to follow, but rather thoughtful consideration of current context and what it will take to reach a desired end. Read More →


Geoffrey Canada’s TED Talk: CTL is marking its 20th anniversary with an education forum and celebration in September. In advance of that event, we’ve invited national, state and local educational leaders to share their ideas on the themes of innovation, equity and systems change through a series of blogs, the first of which were posted August 1 and August 8. Today’s postings include two such blogs plus a TED talk by Geoffrey Canada, architect of the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York Read More →

Systems Change: Seeking a Broader View of Family Engagement: CTL 20th Anniversary Blog Series

By Sharon Darling: An often overlooked strategy to achieve college and career readiness is family engagement that is focused on literacy development across generations. Meaningful interactions that bring parents and children together to work, play, read, and learn can lead to enhanced language, literacy, emotional, and cognitive development. Read More →

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