Google Science Fair

Written By rodaniel

On January 12, 2011

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Larry and Sergey has certainly made an impact at Google. It’s not often that I post on the blog out of sequence or for pet causes, but interesting and engaging science instruction is one that I think  we need to embrace. I was for a short time a middle school science teacher (to go along with my math classes), and I absolutely loved it! I wasn’t very good, because I was new, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I tried hard! I started the science fair at that school, and I think we did a good job. I do remember using the Sandia National Labs Science Fair rules to help organize the fair, but also remember how tough it was organizing all of those students. I can only imagine what opening up eligibility to the entire world do to the organization, but am glad Google is taking it on.

Google Science Fair 2

From the Google Science Fair site, “Larry and Sergey were fortunate to be able to get their idea in front of lots of people. But how many ideas are lost because people don’t have the right forum for their talents to be discovered? We believe that science can change the world—and one way to encourage that is to celebrate and champion young scientific talent…”
I’ll let you visit the Google site for more information, because I’m sure they can say it more eloquently than I, but I will comment on the group of partners:

Google Science FairWith that kind of science, engineering, and FUN on your side, I imagine it will be a great success. Hopefully, many of our students can have the opportunity to join in the fun, stretch their imagination, and learn something along the way! Good luck Google, and better luck students!