Flipping for Video

As some of you may know, I have become a Flip camera, digital moviemaking fiend.

My colleagues still laugh at an early blog post featuring a glass of water that I found captivating.  Since that time my knowledge and interest in digital video has grown and I am working with the faculties of several middle and high schools with the ways this technology can be used by students in a variety of content classrooms. The possibilities are endless.

Recently, my computer was running rather sluggishly, and our tech troubleshooter discovered that I had 700 video clips on my desktop (as I said I ‘m still learning). These clips run the gamut;  some are of teachers and students working together;  clips of things I found visually arresting; interviews with people; and how to videos. In future blogs I will share some of this work and the work of students.

I find inspiration for movies in many different places and today I would like to share two of my favorites, by Cristobal Vila of Eterae studios, www.etereaestudios.com

These videos trigger a constellation of connections for me and are delightful to sit back and experience. They remind me of the power of art, architecture, video…. And dare I say? Mathematics.



  1. Occasionally we use the Flip share editing program which is very limited. Mainly using Moviemaker with Audacity for sound editing, as it is much more versatile.
    what do you use? Thanks

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