Can a Cub Outmaneuver a Cougar?

Written By aperkins

On March 5, 2010

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What obstacles stand in the way of students being successful? Maybe our students are being trailed by a lifetime of barriers both academic and personal. Perhaps the thought of putting themselves out on a limb is too risky for fear of the limb splintering. Possibly they have spent their time drifting and paddling against the currents to find they are barely surviving.

This video serves as a metaphor for our struggling students as they fight to survive in their habitats.
Like the cub we watch struggle along the mountainous terrains, our students are facing their own obstacles along life’s course. For that reason, like the mother bear, I will be stationed along the path to watch over them as they discover the roar behind their voices. I will be shouting Abe Lincoln’s wise words, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Consider what you want your students to always bear in mind as they come face to face with their own predators.