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Written By dwalker

On July 9, 2016

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Kentucky Teacher Leadership FrameworkIncreasingly educational reformers recognize the critical role teachers play in increasing outcomes for students, and in making schools places where individual and collective growth is valued.  Traditionally teachers have left the classroom to assume an instructional leadership role, but recent developments have shown us that teachers can remain in the classroom, either full or part-time, and also influence positively classroom, school, district and professional practices.  The KY Teacher Leadership Framework illustrates the various roles teacher leaders can play in addressing persistent problems of practice, including closing achievement gaps for poor and/or minority students.  The mission of teacher leadership in Kentucky is captured in the tag line accompanying the cover graphic and the definition follows: Teacher leaders transform their classrooms, schools, and profession, activating teacher growth and achieving equity and excellence for students.

 This document represents the work of a team of educators representing various grant projects and organizations, including: KyNT3 – Network to Transform Teaching administered through the Educational Professional Standards Board, Instructional Transformation Grant administered through the Kentucky Department of Education, CTL – the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning, The Fund for Transforming Education in Kentucky, the Kentucky Education Association, Hope Street Group, and the Bluegrass Center for Teacher Quality. It is posted on CTL’s website as well as the sites for the Kentucky Department of Education and the KY Network to Transform Teaching (KyNT3).  It is also available in hard copy from KyNT3.  It is our hope that the framework will guide teacher leadership development efforts throughout the commonwealth and in doing so, lead to more vibrant, productive schools.