Inspired Simplicity As A Way to Work

Written By smcneely

On June 14, 2011

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Each time I walk through my front door I’m greeted by this:


It’s one of my most favorite things and a guiding light for the way I choose to live my life. I delight in those things that might otherwise go unnoticed, and I admire individuals who walk the path of inspired simplicity.

Recently I came across a blog post, which on all accounts charmed me.

You can link to it here, or see here the list that jump-started this entry:

Creativity is something I work hard to balance in both my professional and personal pursuits, and this very simple but very inspired list jumped right off the screen and begged to be included in my work. I was so relieved that many items on the list are things I do daily, like singing and making lists. All the other items on the list (with the exception of coffee drinking) are things I’ve done this week or this month. The whole list made me wonder what other ways I keep my creativity kicking in the midst of deadlines, filing, reports, and the other minutia that permeate my work days. Here are some things I considered:

  • Spend some time outside every day, no matter the weather
  • Pack an incredible lunch
  • Dress the part you want to play
  • Write a note of gratitude and pass it along
  • Keep a calendar
  • Organize your files
  • Look carefully and closely
  • Fake it ‘til you make it

Creativity doesn’t have to be born out of extravagant efforts or grandiose gestures. It can be found in the littlest things and achieved in the smallest of ways. As this school year wraps to a close and I make plans for what’s next, I’m committing to inspired simplicity in my work and partnerships with the people, schools, and organizations I serve.  How might that look from your desk?