SanGiovanni, Katt and Dykema (2020) state, “Depriving some students of experiencing struggle robs them of valuable learning opportunities.  All students deserve the right to struggle.  It cannot be reserved for the students who appear to need extra challenge or enrichment” (p. 3).  

What does productive struggle look like and how do I engage all students in productive struggle?

In this extended workshop, participants will unpack six action steps that provoke productive struggle and develop individual plans for immediate implementation.  Resources and tasks to support the implementation of each step will be provided.  Participants will receive Productive Math Struggle, A 6-Point Action Plan for Fostering Perseverance (SanGiovanni, Katt & Dykema, 2020).  Selected readings from the book will be essential for active participation and collaboration from all participants.  This interactive workshop consists of three face to face sessions as well as individual participant work.  Individualized coaching sessions will be offered.

Register by May 22, 2020

Workshop participants will:

…the six actionable steps (value thinking, foster identity, build community, plan for struggle, support struggle and reflect on struggle) for provoking productive struggle in the mathematics classroom.

…in meaningful mathematics meant to stimulate critical thinking and discourse.

…for classroom implementation and develop lesson(s) for productive struggle.

…the purposeful decisions teachers can make before, during and after the lesson so that all students are engaged in productive struggle.

Virtual Session Schedule 

June 11, 2020  10:00-11:00AM EST
Session I:  Introduction to the workshop (Assignment 1:  Value and foster productive struggle)

June 18, 2020  10:00-11:00AM EST
Session II:  Engaging in Productive Struggle (Assignment 2:  Build community and plan for productive struggle)

June 25, 2020 10:00-11:00AM EST
Session III:  Reflecting on Productive Struggle (Assignment 3:  Supporting implementation and reflection on productive struggle)

Who should attend?
Middle school mathematics teachers who want to begin or enhance their current practice with productive struggle.  This workshop will help teachers to take action through a collection of specific activities.  

Why attend?
Learn insights and strategies for helping productive struggle to flourish in your mathematics classroom.

Participants limited to: 15 or 
(12 teams of multiple participants)