While our open-arms and hearts may welcome all students, including English Learners, into our classrooms, we also know that our instructional design and content resource selection must as well.  Join a like-minded group of educators who recognize that English Learners of all proficiency levels need knowledgeable instructional advocates designing and delivering curriculum each day across all disciplines if we are to close the staggering high-school graduation gap that exists between our EL and non-EL students. 

Teachers and administrators will share, collaborate, and develop their understanding of the English Learner experience, culturally responsive teaching, and instructional scaffolding techniques particularly effective when students are acquiring English at school.  Anchored in Unlocking English Learners Potential (Fenner & Snyder, 2017), participants will engage in a distance collaboration that culminates in a series of “teacher-talk” videocasts in which participants share their learning and a practical EL informed classroom technique educators across the state can leverage.

Register by May 12, 2020

Cohort Collaboration: Four 90 minute synchronous virtual learning experiences.

May 19 3:00 EST

May 26 3:00 EST

June 2 3:00 EST

June 9 3:00 EST

    Independent Study: Four independent study experiences for participants as follow up to the synchronous experiences described above. 

    Professional Product:  “Teacher-Talk” Videocast Episode, per participant reflecting learning, implementation, and lesson design using a specific EL informed instruction strategy or scaffold.

    Individual Coaching:  Each participant will receive 30 minutes of facilitated reflection with a knowledgeable coach after classroom implementation and/or Videocast production. 

    Professional Text: Unlocking English Learners Potential (Fenner & Snyder, 2017) 

     Participation limited to 15