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for educators

Let’s Make Some Good Art

A motion graphic produced by fifteen year old Sarah Almeda gives educational leaders suggestions for how schooling can nurture students’ talents and interests by emphasizing individuality rather than standardization. Read More →

To change results in student learning, we must change the culture for the adults, too.

Whole Leaders, Whole Teachers

We are talking about a learning culture that is less about control and manipulation leading to the “correct” answers and more about tapping into the social-emotional needs of students as they learn how the content applies to their life in their communities. Read More →


Advice from Authentic and PBL Experts

Recently I had the opportunity to record a Google Hangout with Jill Ackers, Primary School Director at the Spanish House in Dallas, TX, about the startup of her PBL Spanish immersion elementary and preschool. I’m excited to add this conversation to our Project Based Learning playlist. Read More →


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