Leadership Development

Leadership DevelopmentCTL leadership development is focused on instructional leadership and distributed leadership, both aimed at helping teachers and administrators to increase learning for all students.

Instructional leadership empowers formal leaders (administrators, counselors, instructional supervisors, and so on) to address instructional improvement in all disciplines. Leaders learn to provide hands-on feedback and support to teachers in a collaborative environment that results in instructional improvement across the board.

Distributed leadership helps schools to develop models for sharing and developing leadership through collaboration among formal and informal leaders, including teachers. The distribution of leadership builds the capacity of the entire staff to take responsibility for instructional improvement. An example is the critical role of the literacy leadership team in CTL’s Adolescent Literacy Model, which empowers administrators, teachers and other staff to support school-wide instructional improvement with a focus on literacy.

Like our professional development, all CTL leadership development –

  • Addresses and aligns with national, state and local standards.
  • Creates a professional learning community among educators within and
    across schools.
  • Builds instructional leadership among teachers and administrators.
  • Engages educators in the kinds of active learning that they will
    implement with students.
  • Maximizes and expands resources, including technology, to support
    professional and student learning.
  • Makes use of data to develop and continually assess progress.
  • Integrates current educational research to inform all planning and
  • Provides an engaging and comfortable professional environment in which to
    develop and test ideas and strategies.

CTL understands that the support of school and district leaders, and the development of teacher leaders, is essential to build capacity and sustainability for any instructional initiative.

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