KDE Program Review

teacher at boardThe KDE Program Review process and related instruments for data collection are new to Kentucky schools. CTL can help schools go over the required steps and gather evidence that demonstrators for each content area are being addressed. We can also help assess and reinforce the strength of current efforts, and assist with next steps that will move accountability scores toward proficient and distinguished.

Under contract from the Kentucky Department of Education and working with a team of educators, CTL developed the Program Review Process, part of the state’s new accountability system that shifts assessment of Arts and Humanities, Writing, and Practical Living/Career Studies from the individual student level to the school level. The purpose of the Program Review is fourfold:

  1. Improving the quality of teaching and learning for all students in all programs.
  2. Allowing equal access to all students the skills that will assist them in being productive citizens.
  3. Allowing student demonstration of understanding beyond a paper-and-pencil test.
  4. Ensuring a school wide natural integration of the program skills across all content areas, beyond the program areas.

The process includes strategies for engaging all stakeholders in data collection, analysis and reflection. The Program Review is conducted first by schools, and periodically by districts, with results submitted to the state. The Review document includes rubrics for assessing program effectiveness as well as scoring sheets, survey instruments and evidence checklists.

As part of its work with the federal Promise Neighborhoods initiative in Eastern Kentucky led by Berea College, CTL is helping middle and high schools in Clay and Owsley counties address the writing component of the Program Review. This includes assisting schools in developing a school wide writing plan and determining how to gather evidence of its effectiveness. Implementing its Artful Reading professional development, CTL is helping elementary schools in Jackson County address the arts and humanities component of the Program Review, including documenting how Artful Reading gives primary students access to high quality arts and humanities instruction.

With partner GEAR UP Kentucky, CTL is providing technical assistance to middle and high schools throughout the state in addressing Program Review requirements at the local level. This is part of the overall effort to ensure that students are college and career ready when they graduate from high school.

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