Data Collection & Analysis

Program Eval-BitsyCTL helps schools and districts to collect, analyze and use data in a variety of ways, all aimed at informing strategies to improve instruction  and increase learning for all students. We tailor the process to target specific needs, using walkthrough observations and other proven assessment techniques and tools designed to:

  • Observe, describe and evaluate daily instructional practices in one or multiple content areas
  • Collect data on instructional rigor and school culture, for example, in promoting college readiness for all students
  • Note the use of research-based instructional practices that facilitate learning for all students
  • Align all data collected with state-wide assessments and national tests like the ACT to provide a complete picture of instructional strengths and challenges to be addressed

Through data collection and analysis conducted in collaboration with administrators and teachers, CTL provides another set of eyes on instruction and information that translates directly into practice.

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