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Phone Pics August 20 987bPenn High School was so thrilled with the gains that resulted from CTL’s literacy work in their district that they partnered with us once again to implement CTL’s Project Based Learning professional development program. This latest partnership builds on Penn’s foundational understanding and application of school-wide literacy and extends instruction to authentic, inquiry-based learning experiences for students.


Who Benefits

As part of Cohort 1, teachers from varying content areas in grades nine to 12, administrators, and teacher leaders attended a three-day workshop wherein they developed frameworks for standards-based projects. PBL Penn picThese teachers took part in ongoing project refinement before, during, and after implementation. The refinement process included on-site and distance coaching for teachers. In addition, leadership capacity was built upon to sustain effectual PBL.


Penn PBL inquiry listAs a result of adopting a PBL approach to teaching and learning, Penn High School will:

  • Build upon and apply the foundational understandings of PBL.
  • Become selective and intentional in the literacy strategies used to support learning inside of PBL.
  • Engage in productive and ongoing planning and reflection processes to improve teaching and learning through a PBL approach.

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