Global Literacy Project

Global Lit- IndonesiaCTL was a partner with the International Reading Association (IRA), the Nokia Corporation, and the Pearson Foundation to train teachers in Indonesia and Bangladesh through cell phone technology and on-site training, to use the IRA Diagnostic Teaching Model to promote primary literacy development. CTL helped prepare national training teams to work directly with teachers to improve literacy instruction and develop the capacity of other professional development leaders.

Who benefited

The project helped national training teams in Indonesia and Bangladesh to organize and prepare to deliver primary reading professional development to teachers, supporting the teachers themselves and their students.


The project exceeded initial benchmarks:

In the first year of the project in Indonesia, 323 teachers and 19 master trainers were trained in the IRA primary teaching model, and on-site and virtual mentoring occurred for teachers and leaders. An overall improvement in classroom practice was documented, including a 26% improvement in Student Engagement, Instructional Practice, and overall Classroom Culture; and a 33% improvement in the classroom Learning Environment.

In Bangladesh, 200 teachers and 20 master trainers received training, 200 teachers were interviewed about best practices, a Nokia mentoring video was developed, virtual technical support and mentoring were implemented, and data measuring growth in teacher practice was collected. In one year, Bangladesh teachers demonstrated a 13% improvement in Student Engagement, and 16% improvement in Learning Environment and Classroom Culture.


International Reading Association
Bangladesh Reading Association
Indonesia Reading and Writing Association
Nokia Corporation
Pearson Foundation


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