Fidelity of Implementation Evaluator for GRREC i3 Grant

CTL is co-evaluator for this US Department of Education i3 (Investing in Innovation) project, in partnership with the Center for Research in Evaluation Policy (CREP) at the University of Memphis. CTL’s role is to monitor fidelity of implementation for the project, to ensure the standards for What Works Clearinghouse recommendations can be attained at the end of the project.

The idea for the grant, developed by GRREC, came from a high school in the area that provides strategic counseling to support all students, including those with disabilities, to be college and career-ready – and from a special needs student at that school whose personal goal was to have her picture on the wall with other college and career-ready students ready to graduate. CTL has responsibility for evaluating the fidelity of implementation of the project, by collecting data through observations, interviews, surveys and document review.  Regular reports to the project team based on CTL’s ongoing data collection, analysis and reporting will help project staff refine the intervention to achieve the desired student outcomes.

Who Benefits

The project is designed to provide additional support for high school students on the diploma track who receive special education services, to ensure that they graduate from high school college- and career-ready. College readiness is measured by ACT scores, and career readiness by career assessments and certifications. Students will also be able to set goals and determine their own post-secondary paths.


This is a multi-year project testing a theory of intervention for students with disabilities, with the long-range goal of replication on a larger scale.

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