Bullitt County Public Schools Curriculum Alignment

Bullitt County Public SchoolsBullitt County Public Schools is working with CTL on curriculum alignment with its three distinguished high schools. The project will align English Language Arts, mathematics, science and social studies curricula with learning standards and objectives for students, and with professional growth and effectiveness standards for teachers. Bullitt County Schools’ successful collaboration with CTL under a multi-year federal Striving Readers grant prompted district administrators to request CTL’s assistance as three already distinguished high schools work to deepen and refine learning for all students, and strengthen professional learning and leadership for teachers. The project will take place over three years, beginning with a pre-assessment conducted by CTL, and the establishment by the district of a curriculum leadership team made up of administrators and teachers to promote common understanding among stakeholders, open lines of communication, and ensure that teachers have ongoing voice in the process.

Who Benefits

Students will benefit when curricula are horizontally and vertically aligned to state standards, and when teachers develop curriculum pacing and curriculum mapping with the flexibility to meet specific student needs. Administrators and teachers will benefit from collaborating with CTL to assess needs with regard to curriculum alignment, and from working together in district workshops facilitated by CTL and in ongoing professional learning communities charged with refinement of curriculm alignment, pacing and mapping aimed at advancing learning for all students.


To date, CTL has conducted and reported a pre-assessment based on classroom visits to the three Bullitt County high schools, departmental meetings, reviews of selected classroom assessments, and analysis of student achievement data and master schedules. District-school communications plans are in development, and teams are being formed to lead the work of curriculum alignment. Check back for updates as the project unfolds over the next three years.

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