Project Based Teaching and Learning

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CTL’s Project Based Teaching and Learning professional development program provides the background, tools and support that elementary, middle, high school and post-secondary teachers need to help all students become creative, collaborative, critical thinkers.

We equip teachers to move from simply covering content to helping students uncover content themselves as they seek answers to Compelling Questions. Inquiry-based learning engages students by connecting their work to the world outside the classroom, while meeting rigorous standards within. CTL’s unique approach to “PBL done well” incorporates:

The focus throughout is on quality of instruction and the learning culture of the school and classroom.

PBL Project Based Learning

PBL Basics

  • 3 day PBL Institute
  • Coaching/Support
    • Unit refinement/tuning
    • Feedback during project implementation
  • 1 day Reflection and Revision
  • 1 day Planning Second Project
  • Coaching/Support
  • 1 day Debriefing/Reflection and Planning

PBL Advanced

Multi-year whole school adoption model

  • Year 1 PBL Basics cohort 1
  • Year 2 PBL Basics with cohort 2
    • Advanced training for cohort 1 including leadership development
  • Year 3 PBL Basics
    • Advanced training for cohort 2
    • Training support from cohort

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How Schools Benefit

CTL’s PBL fosters a professional learning community among teachers and administrators as they transition to a school wide culture of inquiry-based, authentic learning. As with all CTL professional development programs, mentor coaches work closely with teachers initially, and then continue to provide support on site and via distance. Through this approach, schools develop the capacity to independently sustain effective PBL for all students.














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