EPC Fellows

The Educational Progress Collaborative Fellows (EPCF) is a unique initiative of CTL to establish cohorts of educators compelled to make that which is considered only possible become probable.

Within any Local Education Agency committed to continuous improvement are those individuals who thrive on the sense of dissatisfaction.  Like a sixth sense, the dissatisfaction drives investigation into better ways of doing things and fuels pragmatic problem-solving.  Those with the dissatisfaction attribute need others like them to work through their purpose, perspective, and priority.  They need others who share the compulsion for invention to both acknowledge and stretch boundaries, for not every inefficiency is a problem – the common blind spot among those who 9believe progress only comes through change.

The EPCF creates an environment suitable for wild thinking and reasonable resolution.  Gathering around a central theme for six weekends over an 18 month period, the Fellows research relevant problems of practice and generate lines of thinking that lead, in some cases, to new answers and, in others, to better questions.

In their time together, The Fellows consult with those who offer pertinent and often unique knowledge and information.  They formulate hypotheses and plan methodical testing.  The EPCF experience culminates in the Fellows’ creation of a shareable model that shifts the paradigm as it relates to the identified theme.  Final products may take the form of a publication, forum, initiative, or other means of making the model public.

EPCF Details
Commitment: 6 weekends over an 18-month period, beginning Friday at 11 am through Sunday at 11 am in the months of September, November, March, June, October, and February.  Educators must provide approval from their place of employment for the absences in order to be considered.
Applicants: Applications will be accepted from educators in public, charter, parochial, and private schools who work in Kentucky, south of I-70 between Indianapolis, IN, and Dayton, OH, and North of Nashville (including Nashville).
Application: Applications are available through July 2019.  Specific dates will be included in the application.
Cohort: A cohort of 10-12 will be assembled.
Cost: The experience is free to the accepted applicant.  Meals, accommodations, and mileage are included.
  Sponsorships of $4000 per cohort member will be solicited.
Remuneration: An honorarium of $2000 per candidate will be awarded at the completion of the fellowship.
Potential Themes: Building resilience in students

Growing leadership pipelines

Fostering an equity mindset

Coaching quality instruction


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