Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund


Hire & Retain Effective Teachers 

New Teacher Support

  • Effective instructional strategies and classroom management
  • Mentoring  and job-embedded coaching for refinement of practice
  • Research-based content standards focus
  • Sustained support for retention

Professional Learning design

  • Robust needs analysis to identify strengths and areas of need to build a shared vision and targeted goals

  • Foundations Institute to build common language, understanding of comprehensive literacy to strengthen student thinking
  • As needed supports based on walkthrough evidence, teacher feedback, and leadership input
  • Job-embedded coaching to support effective instructional design
  • Protocol driven supports for replicable and sustained efforts, including lesson refinement, classroom observation, and student work analysis

  • Literacy Leadership support for common vision and enhanced collaboration
  • Training for coaches and mentors

How CTL can help

  • Provide challenging, engaging professional learning that is practical and applicable
  • Results oriented increases in teacher efficacy, teacher effectiveness, and student achievement
  • Build leadership capacity to support teacher implementation and improve culture
  • Focus on comprehensive literacy practices:
      • Instructional planning to reduce cognitive load, and increase learning
      • Gradual release process from teacher-directed to student-directed
      • Reading comprehension activities for before, during, and after reading
      • Student to self; student to student; student to teacher dialogue for deeper learning
      • Writing to learn opportunities to make meaning of new content
      • Vocabulary focused strategies to build stronger communication of learning
      • Authentic writing tasks in forms, purposes, and audiences for all content areas

CTL programming improves the skills of teachers to successfully and reciprocally link literacy and content to promote student leaning. 

Impactful Tier 1 Instruction

Effective Leadership

Build a Culture of Success