Artful Reading Online Course

Date: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 to Friday to February 26, 2016
Course topic: Elementary Literacy Development and Arts Integration
Platform: CTL’s Google+ Community, including Google Hangouts, Google Docs, and YouTube


hunters in the snow student artThis course provides teachers effective strategies for engaging young readers \using active comprehension strategies and learning in the arts disciplines. Teachers experience model lessons with the intent to vet their own books and design their own Artful Reading lessons.
Reading topics include: strategies for accessing prior knowledge, reading for meaning, developing critical thinking skills, academic dialogue and active listening, writing to respond,

Arts topics include: arts terminology and standards, visual arts (weaving and landscape drawing), music integrations (producing and responding), drama (pantomime, improvisation, story drama, readers’ theater), and elements of dance.


Teachers participating in Artful Reading PDIn the first four weeks, we will review Artful Reading lessons and the principles of effective reading comprehension coupled with appropriate arts domain to engage students in active learning. The instructor will be available to offer feedback in the arts lessons as well as reading strategies. In the second four weeks, students will vet their own picture books and design lessons that use the arts to support student reading comprehension while receiving feedback from the instructor as well as peers. Students will watch video lectures/lessons, create their own arts pieces, respond to threaded discussions, write Artful Reading lessons, and offer peer feedback.


Week 1 – Introduction- An Approach to Literacy in Your Classroom and  Integrating Arts
Week 2 – Language Literacy (Accessing and Building Background Knowledge) and Integrating Visual Arts
Week 3 – Language Literacy (Developing Critical Thinking Skills) and Integrating Music
Week 4 – Language Literacy (Developing Speaking and Listening Skills) and Integrating Drama
Week 5 – Langauge Literacy (Writing to Respond) and Arts Integration
Week 6 – Vetting a Text for an Artful Reading Lesson
Week 7 – Writing Your Own Artful Reading Lesson
Week 8 – Artful Reading Lessons: Response and Revision


The course has no prerequisites other than fluency in English.


Will I get a Certificate of Accomplishment?Artful Reading student art

Yes, students who complete all arts assignments and design an Artful Reading lesson will receive a Digital Badge/Certificate of Accomplishment.

Students who complete all assignments and design an Artful Reading lesson reaching accomplished on the assessment rubric will receive a Digital Badge/Certificate of Accomplishment with distinction.

How much of a time commitment will this course be?

You should expect this course to require 3 to 6 hours of work per week.

Any additional textbooks/software required?

There are picture books that are necessary for this course. Students are able to check the books out of their local library, purchase them through CTL (click here), or purchase them on your own.

– Miss Lina’s Ballerinas
– Lily Brown’s Paintings
– Weaving the Rainbow
– Ella Sets the Stage
– Shrinking Violet
– Honk

Additional Readings:
– Action Strategies for Deepening Comprehension, Jeffrey Wilhelm



What kind of computer do I need?

We recommend taking this course on a standard computer using Google Chrome as the internet browser. All of the items can be accessed on mobile devices, but not all mobile devices are optimimal for responding and creating.

Catherine Rubin, Ashley Perkins

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