Jo Ann Mosier

Jo Ann MosierMathematics Consultant

“I enjoy it when we’re working with teachers and we see a difference in instructional practice for teachers, and then see student understanding and achievement. That really energizes me.”

For Jo Ann, the key to teaching and learning math is understanding its connections to the big ideas that intersect all subject areas. A Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, former Highly Skilled Educator and mathematics consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education, and teacher of mathematics from grade 8 through college, she has been nationally recognized for her expertise linking curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Now semi-retired, Jo Ann continues to serve as a Mathematics Consultant on a variety of CTL projects. As a longtime member of the CTL staff, Jo Ann served as Project Manager for the federal Promise Neighborhoods planning grant.  She also coordinated, designed and delivered professional development for the Regional Education Laboratory (REL)-Appalachia study of an innovative approach to teaching Algebra I that combined traditional and online instruction, and for the Kentucky Mathematics and Science Partnership. Jo Ann served as a math consultant to the Striving Readers content literacy project, and as a mentor coach in CTL’s content literacy work with community college instructors. She was project director for CTL’s multi-year nationwide study of middle grades instruction, for which she supervised a nine-member project team and was responsible for implementation of field research and professional development. Jo Ann was one of five high school teachers that authored the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics publication, Mathematics Assessment: A Practical Handbook for Grades 9-12.
When Jo Ann works with educators, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts, as she encourages the building of relationships within schools to facilitate productive, meaningful change. She loves to help teachers and students to grasp and engage in algebraic reasoning, and to apply broader literacy skills to the understanding of math. Jo Ann also helps schools to analyze assessment data to inform instructional philosophy and improve practice. She has mentored countless student teachers and says, “I believe I know how to move staff to think differently about how they’re serving their students.”

  • Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics
  • Christa McAuliffe Fellow
  • Member, National Research Council Mathematics Sciences Board
  • Kentucky Highly Skilled Educator in Mathematics
  • Rank I, Mathematics Supervision and Instruction
  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Mathematics and Secondary Education, University of Louisville
  • Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics and Psychology, Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky


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