Our History

The non-profit CoOur Historyllaborative for Teaching and Learning, now known as CTL, was founded in Louisville in 1994 by Dr. Linda F. Hargan, a former Kentucky Associate Commissioner of Education. The original purpose of the organization was to provide support to educators implementing the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), one of the earliest and most comprehensive statewide reform efforts in the nation. As education reform efforts have ebbed and flowed nationwide over the years, the focus of CTL’s work has expanded, but the purpose has remained constant: CTL works to improve instruction for all students. Our staff of veteran educators and administrators has  provided professional development, leadership development and technical assistance to thousands of educators in hundreds of elementary, secondary and post-secondary public, private and parochial schools throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Missouri, as well as in East Africa and Southeast Asia (the latter, in partnership with the International Reading Association, the Nokia Corporation, and the Pearson Foundation). Other partners and funders have included the US Department of Education, state departments of education, major colleges and universities, and foundations.

We are known for getting educators on their feet, infusing the arts, integrating technology, and leveraging the experience and ideas of those with whom we work to develop new approaches to old problems, and turn those approaches into classroom practice. CTL’s work meets the highest standards in the field for professional learning as established by Learning Forward (formerly the National Staff Development Council).

Our instructional programs have always been standards-based, and now align fully with the Common Core State Standards.  Current areas of focus include adolescent literacy, English language arts and the Common Core, mathematics and the Common Core, college readiness, and technology that boosts learning in classrooms and facilitates professional development among educators themselves.

CTL builds and supports professional learning communities that sustain the work we do long after we’ve left the building. We’ve been around since 1994 because we keep our eye on the future of education, as well as on the futures of those being educated.

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