Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves two purposes: providing new ideas and insights to both CTL Board of Directors and staff; and serving as a candidate pool for future Board of Directors. The term is 18 months and involves face-to-face and virtual meetings. Meetings for the 2020 fiscal year are October 22, 2019 and April 21, 2020. If you are interested in joining CTL’s Advisory Board, please contact us.

Dr. Keith Look, former Superintendent Danville Independent Schools and Principal of The Academy of Shawnee in Jefferson County Public Schools

Dr. Look is currently working with ETS as a national school support consultant. 

Mr. Danny Osborne, Superintendent of Carroll County Public Schools

Mr. Osborne has worked with CTL through a variety of programs including Striving Readers where he was a middle school principal in Pike County and in his role as Turnaround Specialist for the Kentucky Department of Education

Mrs. Brigitte Blom Ramsey, Executive Director of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

Mrs. Blom Ramsey has partnered with CTL on several white papers and convenings centered around educational equity in her role at the Prichard Committee.

Mr. Tarik Nalley, Creative Principal and Founder of Kale and Flax

Mr. Nalley is a leader in design thinking in Louisville and is an important supporter of entrepreneurs across the region.

Mr. Scott Stephens, Corporate Marketing Representative at Louisville Public Media

Mr. Stephens has a long history of sales and marketing in the Louisville area and has been an important sounding board for CTL in the development of our current marketing efforts.

Dr. David Paige, Associate Professor of Education at Bellarmine University

Dr. Paige specializes in literacy instruction at Bellarmine but has also added to the research base around rigor in instruction. There is considerable overlap between Dr. Paige’s interests and CTL.

Dr. Todd Zoblotsky, Research Associate Professor and head of the CREP Statistics Department at the University of Memphis

Dr. Zoblotsky has been a long-time partner with CTL on research and evaluation projects, and provides creative and thorough evaluation support for our work.

Dr. Jennifer Carroll, Former teacher and currently admin at Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative Appalachian Renaissance Initiative

Mrs. Carroll has led multiple initiatives across the state including development ond support of KVEC’s Micro-credentials efforts. She is also the President of the Kentucky Association of School Administrators Board of Directors.

Mrs. Beth Malcom, President & CEO of the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association

Mrs. Malcom’s work with the YMCA Youth Association is dedicated to the empowerment and uplifting of teen voices and agency. This commitment aligns very closely with CTL’s focus on excellence in teaching and school leadership


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