How do you facilitate productive mathematical conversations?  In this extended workshop, we will dive into practical classroom implementation of the five practices:  anticipating, monitoring, selecting, sequencing and connecting.  Get prepared for and finally overcome common challenges we all face with crafting mathematics conversations in the classroom.

Participants will receive The 5 Practices in Practice, Middle School (Smith, Bill & Gamoran Sherin, 2019).  Selected readings from the book or viewing of supplied classroom videos will be essential for active participation and collaboration from all participants.  This interactive workshop features face to face sessions as well as individual participant work.  Individualized coaching sessions will also be offered.

Registration Deadline May 22, 2020

Workshop participants will:
…planning templates, high quality tasks and other ready to use resources for the mathematics classroom.

…in collaborative and meaningful mathematics discourse with other middle school teachers.

…for immediate implementation, troubleshooting and reflection.

…middle school classrooms featuring mathematics discussions in practice.

Virtual Session Schedule 

June 11, 2020  2:00-3:00PM EST Session I:  Introduction to the workshop (Assignment 1)
June 18, 2020  2:00-3:00PM EST Session II:  Engaging in goal and task selection (Assignment 2)
June 25, 2020 2:00-3:00PM EST Session III:  Reflecting on the five practices in practice (Assignment 3)

Who should attend
Middle school mathematics teachers who are curious about identifying and selecting high-level tasks and using advancing questions to move mathematics understanding forward with their students.

Why attend?
Learn to apply the five practices-anticipating, monitoring, selecting, sequencing and connecting- for facilitating productive mathematics conversations in your middle school classroom.

Participants limited to: 15 or 
(12 teams of multiple participants)