Systems Change: Seeking a Broader View of Family Engagement: CTL 20th Anniversary Blog Series

By Sharon Darling: An often overlooked strategy to achieve college and career readiness is family engagement that is focused on literacy development across generations. Meaningful interactions that bring parents and children together to work, play, read, and learn can lead to enhanced language, literacy, emotional, and cognitive development. Read More →

Idea 2b Dk & Gray Gears

Innovation – Let’s Make Good Art: CTL 20th Anniversary Blog Series

Art by Sarah Almeda: CTL is marking its 20th anniversary with an education forum and celebration in September. In advance of that event, we wanted to begin the conversation on inventing the next 20 years of education in ways that transform teaching, learning and leadership. We’ve identified three inter-related themes necessary to the invention process: innovation, equity and systems change. Read More →

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